How Do The Tests Work?

PCR Swab Test

Your sample is taken using a nasal swab. It is most accurate when done by another person—preferably a healthcare professional. You can have this done at any of our conveniently located London Medical Laboratory sites.

Having your swab sample done in-store ensures the lowest chance of a false negative result and the fastest turnaround times. However, you can also take your sample yourself by following the instructions included with your home-testing kit.

Your sample is analysed in our state-of-the-art laboratory in London using the latest PCR technology. It is a molecular assay based on the detection of the viral nucleic material (RNA) within the Covid-19 coronavirus.

PCR Results

If you have taken our "Next Day Results" test you should receive your result by late in the evening of the day after you have your swab delivered to our laboratory. This result will confirm whether or not there has been any virus detected on your swab. Though this turnaround time is delivered 99% of the time, this is a sensitive test that relies on a quality sample and therefore, there is always a small chance that your sample may need to be re-run in the laboratory. 

If your result comes back with a ‘positive’ result then you can be very sure that you have coronavirus in your nose. The implications of this, whether you feel ill or not, is that you may be able to spread the virus and you should check the latest NHS advice here This is particularly the case if you feel unwell or short of breath at all in which case you should visit where you will find out more information on what to do next.

If you receive a ‘negative' result, then it is cautiously good news. But this does not completely guarantee that you have not been exposed to COVID-19 as it has only tested your sample on the swab. There is between 70%-95% sensitivity rate with getting the virus on the swab depending on the swabbing technique. This means that there is up to a 30% chance that you did not get swabbed effectively enough – so if you do begin to feel any of the symptoms of coronavirus then please seek help.

It is worth noting that the PCR test is not the best test for checking whether you are infectious or not. The PCR test can detect fragments of viral DNA some weeks after your levels have dropped below the amounts of virus that are needed to be infectious to others. A better way to quickly check if someone you are infectious is with the Rapid Antigen Test.

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Rapid Antigen Test - Results in 15 minutes

These tests detect viral protein fragments and return results within 15 minutes.

This test is ideal for quickly checking whether you are infectious and at risk of spreading the virus. The test is ideal for workplaces, film sets and any other situations where it is important to regularly check whether people are going to be spreading the virus to anyone else.

Rapid Antigen Results 

This is an on-site test and your results will be given to you within 15-20 minutes via  a test certificate sent to the email address you have provided. 

The Abbott Panbio Antigen Rapid Test that we use has shown a 98.2% sensitivity in detecting viral levels that are currently considered to be infectious (Ct values < 33). It has an overall sensitivity and specificity agreement with RT-PCR results of 97.9%. It has a reported specificity of 99.4%.

A positive result has a very high chance of confirming you are carrying covid-19 virus in enough quantities to make you infectious. A negative result gives a very high likelihood that you are not infectious. Regular testing is recommended to ensure that this remains the case every time you intend to be in close contact with anyone.

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IgG Quantitative Antibody Test

This brand-new CE marked test works to evaluate your immune status by providing a quantitative measurement of IgG antibodies in your system.

This test is best taken at least seven days after your initial coronavirus infection or vaccination. This is because levels are likely to continue to rise up to 15 days, at which point the test is 99.4% sensitive in confirming your exposure to the spike protein of the virus.

If you receive a positive result from this test, this is because the test detected an AU/ml level above 50 (on a full scale 0-8,000AU/ml). This is the minimum threshold where it can be presumed that you have been either been exposed to coronavirus or that your body has produced an immune response to your vaccination

It is not yet known how long antibodies last or how effective coronavirus antibodies are against the virus, as research into this is ongoing. There is evidence that a person’s immune response to infection drops off significantly over 6-9 months, however, it is unknown how high your IgG levels remain after vaccination.

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Private Coronavirus Tests and the NHS

The NHS has been crucial in stepping up to provide coronavirus testing and treatment during this challenging time. So, our goal has been to assist in the national effort to ensure that everyone can get the testing they need.

The NHS currently only offers to test those who present symptoms and advises travellers to get tested through a private provider, so this is where we stepped in. We extended our traditional phlebotomy diagnostic services to cover PCR, antigen and antibody coronavirus testing—using the latest technology available.

While some clinics offer results in up to 72 hours, we have optimised our testing and handling process so you can get a PCR result on the same day if needed. 

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